Summer Camp 2020

Join us beginning July 5- August 1st for Virtual Summer Camp

Virtual Camp Flyer

June Update

At St. Dorothy’s Rest, our staff is committed to “laugh and work and pray in an atmosphere of love,” and we hope you are able to join us in this same spirit this summer at virtual summer camp, July 5-August 1. 2020 marks the 119th year of summer camp here at St. Dorothy’s Rest and we are excited to share our plans with you to continue doing what we love and do so well.   We have put together what we hope will be a really fun and meaningful camp experience for campers, families, alumni, supporters and for those who have yet to experience St. Dorothy’s Rest. 

On June 28th, summer camp counselors will be arriving at St. Dorothy’s Rest to plan and lead a virtual summer camp program available to any and all who wish to participate. The summer camp team, living in intentional community, will be quarantined here for the first 2 weeks, following CDC guidelines, while putting together aspects of our virtual summer camp program. They will lead us weekly in campfire songs and skits, plan fun challenges for campers and families to do, ritual, chapel times and more!   In addition, our summer camp staff will be producing their very own, the very first ever, St. Dorothy’s Rest Camp Reality Show.

Tune in each week to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the lives of our counselors while they live and work here for 5 weeks this summer.   Below is a flyer with the beginnings of a weekly schedule so you can begin to plan your summer and join in the fun! The counselors will continue to work on new activities so please keep an eye out for additions to what is on the flyer. We will be updating the St. Dorothy’s Rest Facebook page and sending out weekly program offerings via email.   Virtual Camp Flyer

There will be no charge to participate in St. Dorothy’s Rest’s virtual camp offerings. We invite those in a position to donate to support the 119th summer camp season at St. Dorothy’s Rest. Your donation will support the young adult staff and costs associated with having them live here in community, aspects of our virtual summer camp program, and the continued operations of St. Dorothy’s Rest.