St. Dorothy’s Rest is currently hiring for part-time housekeeping staff.

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Minimum Qualifications:

Ability to tend to general housekeeping & grounds keeping concerns of a camp and conference center in an organized manner. Good character, integrity, attention to detail and adaptability. Ability to repair, fix, be aware of and anticipate any annoyances or troublesome areas to guests.


Responsible To: Head of Housekeeping

Camp and Conference Center Goals:

All staff must be able to help create an environment where the staff, guests, and campers feel welcomed.

What is St. Dorothy’s?

St. Dorothy’s is an institution of the Episcopal Diocese of California whose mission is to provide 9 weeks of summer camp programs as well as year-round hospitality for retreats, conferences and other gatherings to the people of the Diocese of California, other churches, and non-profit groups.  Our goal is to provide these services in a personal, relaxed but efficient way that enables guests to reach their goals for spiritual, personal, and organizational growth.

Working at St. Dorothy’s is service oriented and doing our jobs successfully is based on teamwork.  Because of the wide-ranging nature of the tasks involved in caring for our guests and facilities, it may be necessary to perform tasks outside our usual line of work. For example: when on duty in the kitchen a guest may come in and ask where sports equipment is found; an office worker may be called to help when a guest finds a broken water valve; a maintenance worker may need to help in the kitchen when a group suddenly has increased in numbers, or a cook must leave due to illness.  The flexibility to help in such a situation in order to support the overall goals of SDR and get the job done is a requirement of working at St. Dorothy’s


Specific Responsibilities:

  1. Be responsible for the cleanliness of the facilities utilizing all applicable Health and Safety Standards.
  2. To ensure that linens are distributed to all buildings.
  3. Communicate any property or facility damage caused by groups immediately to supervisor
  4. Be available to host, shop, take and pick up linens or prep cook on an as needed basis.
  5. Participate in staff meetings and in training events as required or approved for the purpose of enhancing job performance.
  6. Clean and maintain retreat accommodations, chapel, and campus.
  7. Distribute and maintain all cleaning supplies in all buildings.
  8. Distribute all paper products (toilet paper, paper towels) as needed to all buildings.
  9. Communicate with the supervisor when additional cleaning supplies and paper products are needed.
  10. Ensure all vacuum cleaners and other tools needed to maintain buildings are in working condition.
  11. Collect remaining or incomplete sets of linens after guests depart.

Additional duties may be assigned.