Camp Programs

Summer Camps 2019

St. Dorothy’s Rest is many things to many different people, but first and foremost it is a traditional, fun-filled, joyful summer camp for kids from ages 5 – 18. The oldest camp in all of California, St. Dorothy’s knows how to provide the perfect combination of hiking, canoeing, archery, arts & crafts, drama, campfire songs, making friends, finding God and much, much more. Nervous first-timers are welcomed and put at ease, while returning campers look forward to their week the whole year long. To learn more about our session offerings, click here. 

Two weeks each summer are dedicated to providing camp experiences for children with cancer, sickle-cell anemia or organ transplants. These camps are in partnership with CPMC, UCSF & LPCH. To learn more about hospital camp programs, click here. 

Counselors at St. Dorothy’s are trained to be mature but fun and energetic supervisors. They embody St. Dot’s mission by welcoming with open arms campers of all faiths, race, and economic backgrounds. With an emphasis on safety, they teach campers to respect people and nature and celebrate the awe that friendships, giant redwoods and even s’mores inspire. To learn more about summer employment opportunities, click here. 


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