Artists & Writers Retreat

A Weekend Retreat for Artists & Writers

Artists and writers of all levels join us in the spirit of creative energy and devote time to their craft.

Spring: March 13-15, 2020

Fall: September 4-7, 2020

The weekend includes:

  • Quiet time and spaces for work
  • Optional sessions for constructive feedback conducted by experienced hosts
  • Workshops: There is usually one optional workshop of some kind, writing, visual art and drama have been offered in the past, depending on who is attending.
  • Friday Happy Hour for getting acquainted
  • Cafe readings during meals are a time for optional brief readings without feedback
  • Studio tour of the visual artists’ work
  • Swimming pool access and walks in the redwoods


What kind of personal workspace can I expect during the weekend?

There are tables and outlets in many common spaces, where people will not bother you during working hours. There is a building, “Boys House” that is set up specifically for visual arts and crafts. If you have specific needs for your work materials, let the administration know before you arrive and they will plan to accommodate you.

How Is internet access and cell phone reception?

There is only consistent cell phone reception for Verizon. There is wireless internet in a few places at St. Dorothy’s Rest, but you will not have internet access in your room. It’s good to download anything you want to work on before you come. The advantage is less distraction!

It seems like St. Dorothy’s is associated with the church. Is there a Sunday Service?

St. Dorothy’s is owned by the Episcopal Diocese of California. There is often a Sunday service in the chapel at St. Dorothy’s. You are welcome to attend. The chapel is also often used as a workspace for musicians during the Artists & Writers Retreat.

Who’s running this show?

The St. Dorothy’s staff takes care of administration, food and lodging. The retreat itself is run by the people who attend it.

Camp Meeker

So much of nature is minute
Worm tracks, acorn caps
The barbs that knit the feathers
Poised for flight.

The grand view, the long lake
Rest our eyes
The short view
Sharpens them
And poems wait like berries
On the roadside.

By Nancy Schimmel, a regular retreat attendee